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ina eats Poland – part 2

Juni 12, 2012

Today I’m finally posting part to of  my blog series ina eats Poland :D In contrast to the very flashy and packaging of Kasztankowe today’s Polish candy looks rather „plain“. Here we go, it’s time for MIESKO’s coffee & cream ~

In my opinion MIESKO’s coffee & cream doesn’t really look like a normal candy. Personally, I think that it resembles some kind of praline rather than some usual candy you might give your children to eat. Well, I guess that fact that it has coffee in it proves that MIESKO’s coffee & cream is indeed not meant for our kids to eat ^^ The chocolate looks really neat and classy, it’s perfectly suit fancy tea parties or the first encouter with your in-laws where you want to impress. I’m sure you could serve it beautifully on an étagère :)

The praline (let’s call it praline because it looks so exquisite) itself doesn’t give off a very strong smell of coffee or any sort of that. You mostly smell the chocolate coat and a fine hint of coffee. Though I don’t know if you can really smell the coffee or if it’s just your imagination because of its name „coffee & cream“ :P

Whereas the smell doesn’t give away very much of the coffee note the name MIESKO’s coffee & cream indicates, the coffee taste/flavour is just the more dominant! Inside the hard chocolate coat is a creamy filling that smells and tastes a lot like coffee. It reminded me very much of the coffee chocolate bar I know from the merci selection. The cream is very sweet and soft and the coffee flavour is very tasty. It doesn’t taste too strong; no, it’s just right.

All in all I think that MIESKO’s coffee & cream is a great candy or praline that you could serve for tea and coffee. Its sweetness goes just fine with those of us who like to drink their coffee without a lot of sugar and milk. I think MIESKO’s coffee & cream would be the perfect sweet contrast to it than. And for those among us who have a sweet tooth MIESKO’s coffee & cream would be be like supersweet heaven ;)


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