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ina eats Poland – part 3

Juni 14, 2012

The next Polish candy I’m written about in my blog series is MICHAŁKI (I spent some time searching for the letter Ł) ^^ I deliberately picked it out of all the candies, because I just couldn’t figure out from its name and packaging what it would taste like! So I was supercurious and excited to do this post here :D

I couldn’t tell anything about the candy from its name. My first thought was that the name „MICHAŁKI“ might be somehow related to our word „milk“ and after some thinking I was totally convinced of my assumption :P I’m still not sure now whether „MICHAŁKI“ really is the candy’s name or not. I just thought so because the other word on packaging was garced with a small ®.

After unwrapping the little MICHAŁKI, I really thought that I was right. Inside the bright red packaging a yummy chocolate bar was revealed to me. Because I was still so convinced of my assumption with the milk filling, I immediately thought of the well-known (and idolatrously loved by me) Milky Way (click here, if you don’t know what I’m talking about). But I was to be quickly of that assumption. Why? Because 1) it smelled like peanuts?! (to my big big surprise) and 2) because it looked like this:

The MICHAŁKI’s inside had no milk filling at all! Instead of the expected milk filling I had something similar to the Kasztankowe that I’ve written about before. After cutting it into two, theMICHAŁKI smelled even more like peanuts; yes, it has quite the strong peanut smell and taste! It is way sweeter than the Kasztankowe, although the texture is pretty much the same (except for the peanuts in it of course). MICHAŁKI reminded me very very much of the worldwide-known chocolate/nougat/caramel bar Snickers. I guess it’s because of the dominant peanut smell and taste, but except for the lack of milk and caramel it’s surely the same!

Well, I did like the MICHAŁKI :) But I can’t tell yet which of the Polish sweets I liked the most until now. They all have their different tastes and smells and there are still a lot of other sweets to follow in my blog series! So stay tuned ;D

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