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ina eats Poland – part 4

Juni 22, 2012

Yeesss ~ Today I’m finally back with my ina eats Poland blog series :D I actually haven’t been away too long but I was very impatient during the days I was ill, eager to get back to writing new posts about the Polish sweets I still have to test. But now my nose is finally no longer blocked and I’m happy to be able to taste the food I eat to its limits again :b

Today’s post is about Ptasie Mleczko, little Polish chocolate bars that I’ve heard of a lot even before coming to Poland! You’ve to know that a friend of mine make me a „to-eat list“ right before I head off to Poland and on top of the category „sweets“ it had Ptasie Mleczko. Ptasie Mleczko is a very popular sweet in Poland and you can buy it from various manufacturers. For example the first I ate it, it was made by Milka. Of course those were good, too, but somehow it feels as if only the ones from E.Wedel. Fortunately, I was gifted with the Ptasie Mleczko by E.Wedel back then, so I can happily introduce the „original“ ones to you ;)

My Ptasie Mleczko looks a little „wet“ here because I’ve put it into the fridge ^^ Personally, I like them cooled and that’s why I put them into the fridge. But I guess that depends on each person’s personal preferences :)
Anyway, so this is how a Ptasie Mleczko looks from the inside. Like most of the other sweets that I’ve already written about, it looks pretty much like a small chocolate bar but its chocolate coat seems, ehm well, „harder“ and more crisp. The chocolate coat itself is very thin. I think that might be because the main focus or the main taste ought to be on the vanilla filling. The filling tastes very much how it should: vanilla. But the taste isn’t too strong nor too vanilla nor too artificial, it’s just right.

Personally, I think that Ptasie Mleczko tastes very good but it isn’t my favourite. It’s really „light“ when you eat it and you won’t feel full, even after eating tonnes of them! I guess Ptasie Mleczko would be great for warmer summer days when you feel like eating some chocolate, but don’t want to eat some ice cream again ;) But for me, I’m rather more like the real chocolate lover :b
Stay tuned for more, now that I’m fit and healthy again :D

PS: You can get Ptasie Mleczko in different flavours, it’s not only vanilla!

#UPDATE (from this morning, 24th July)

I have the absolute comparison in terms of taste for you guys! Ptasie Mleczko tastes very very similar to Ferrero’s kinder PINGUI (click here) :D I was so blissful after having this realisation this morning *-*

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  1. GentleThien permalink
    Juni 22, 2012 7:42 pm

    The life span of chocolates are only a week long.
    How do you feed your chocolates that they can live so long?

    • Juni 23, 2012 10:15 am

      I feed them with determination and the urge to blog about them :P


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