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ina eats Poland – part 5

Juni 24, 2012

Hey there! It’s actually a little bit too early for sitting down and writing another post, but somehow I just felt like doing so after getting up :b Part 5 of ina eats Polandwill feature one of MIESZKO’s products (yes, I still have a lot of other MIESZKOs in store ;D): MIESZKO’s Marcepan! I’ve to say in advance that the little candy I’m introducing today is my favourite up to now! But let’s get started chronologically ^^‘

Personally I think that the Marcepan’s wrapping is already a little different from the wrapping we’ve seen so far, except for the coffee & cream of course. That reminds me of the fact that the coffee & cream candy was also a MIESZKO product, so maybe it’s something like their scheme? Maybe MIESZKO always picks such „fancy“, elegant wrapping for its products…?
Anyway the Marcepan’s wrapping is very nice. I’ve to admit that I’m having a weakness for lighter, paler nude tones lately, so that might be an explanation why I’m all over the wrapping :b But once again I think that this MIESZKO product would perfectly make it to an elegant tea party.

Now that I’ve talked enough about the wrapping, I should say a few words about the candy itself, right? So, that’s how the Marecpan looks like inside. It’s actually nothing too special, it’s marzipan covered in a chocolate coat and naturally, it smells and tastes like marzipan in a chocolate coat, too ;) It might sound to you now, as if I’m not really interested in out little Marcepan, but no! It’s not like that, it’s not even near to it!

As I’ve already emphasized before, I totally love today’s candy! ♥♥♥
Marzipan is my total bias in terms of sweets and chocolate! I used to no like marzipan at all, but over the years things have changed. Although I still can’t eat pure marzipan, I love it idolatrously if it’s combined with chocolate *-* That’s why I love Marcepan so much: It just has the right „balance“ for my taste. The Polish Marcepan is very similar to the marzipan bar that is included in the merci – Finest Selection (click here for more). Hopefully, makes it more understandable what I’m trying to express ^^

That’s why, yeesss ~ I’d definitely recommend you this delicious, sweet little marzipan something :) Try it, if you get the chance to!

PS: This morning I came across something for my last post. So click here, to read the update :)

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