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El Sombrero

Juni 26, 2012

I went out for dinner with a good friend of mine last Sunday and the restaurant we went to was sooo awesome, that I decided to write some kind of review about it! Well, this is going to be my first „restaurant review“, so I hope everybody’s going to be nice to me :b I’ll use a post I read on The Daily Post (this one here) as my „guideline“ and hopefully everything will work out ^^

Okay, so where are we? We are right in Gelsenkirchen’s city centre (those of you who know about German soccer clubs will probably know Gelsenkirchen). My friend and I were looking for a nice restaurant that would also a little bar or at least have cocktails on its menu and that was affordable! Students nowadays aren’t the best off so the cheaper the better ;)
And this is what we found:

El Sombrero – a Mexican&Texican restaurant and bar that has charm, a good menu, very nice service and really affordable prices!
The restaurant is located right in Gelsenkirchen’s city centre, so it’s very easy to reach. For those who come by car they have parking possibilities right next to the restaurant, but I’d recommend going there by public transport. There are several busses and trams that go to El Sombrero so it’d be more handy than going by car.

As for the interior furnishings I would say that it’s good. Sure, „good“ is a wide-ranging word but I can’t think of another fitting word. El Sombrero’s furnishings are rather simple than fancy. But somehow this might be even the restaurant’s charm, everything seems so down-to-earth there. And so is the service! The waitress was always friendly and (what’s most important a lot to me) patient.
I’ve to admit that I’m one of the worst guests ever for restaurants, you might even call my a waiter’s (little) nightmare! It’s not that I’m totally unfriendly or impolite, I just need ages to decide on what to eat and what to drink. So every time I go to a restaurant, the waiter or waitress who is so lucky to serve will have to run back and forth from my table a few times that evening. Sorry to all the waiters and waitresses that already have or will ever serve me! I’ll try fixing that habit of mine! ^^‘

But now let’s get back to my review about El Sombrero :) I guess I should say a few words about the menu, shouldn’t I? Okay, let me recall the menu…

Well, the menu was actually very decent. You have a good „balance“ between starters and main courses and except for the four burgers the dishes sound very Mexican. As I’ve emphasized a few times before already, the prices are more than okay! Most of the drinks are under the 3€-line and if I remember correctly, the most expensive main course is about 15€. But I’m not too sure here! I got myself the Burrito – El Sombrero for 10,50€. My dish is listed under the category „main courses“, but it included the salad above as a starter. All inclusive, I’d say :b

My burrito was served with some potato chips and I think a salad, burrito and chips for a total of 10,50€ is really really good! The El Sombrero burrito is gratinated with mozzarella and aioli and filled with strips of Turkey breast, various vegetables (for example beans and maize) and a home made sauce. The potato chips were seasoned with a lot of salt, but since I’m personally a fan of salty chips it was just perfectly fine for me. Yes, the whole dish in general was just right for my taste. I can’t eat spicy food at all (I know, how come I’m Asian and can’t stand anything spicy?!) and usually the Mexican cuisine is quite spicy, but El Sombrero’s food was okay (in terms of spiciness). In the menu they say that you can order your dish prepared in three ways: mild, bearable spicy or devil spicy.

I guess you can tell that I am totally taken by this restaurant :D I would recommend the El Sombrero to each and every person. I would recommend it because of the food, service, prices(!) and cocktails! Yes, the cocktails there are incredibly awesome and they have a lot of happy hour offers there. Especially if you go on a Sunday like I did, you’ll definitely get some special offer. We for example paid 3,50€ for an alcoholic and only 2,50€ for a non-alcoholic cocktail. Well, we just sticked to the alcohol-free beverages that evening and although they were extremely cheap, they all tasted fantastic!

I hope my review will be helpful to someone out there or maybe I at least made you feel like going to a Mexican restaurant again. And the El Sombrero gets 5 out of 5 points from me :)

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  1. Juli 2, 2012 11:32 am

    es sieht alles so lecker aus !! :D

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