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I’m still alive!

August 6, 2012

Xin chào and hey there!

I know, it’s been ages since my last post (26th June!! ._.) but I’ve been so busy these past two months that I just haven’t had enough time for blogging! >.<‚ And of course I lacked some proper ideas and topics, too…But now I’m back again with an aweful lot of ideas and plans and I promises you that petitesaigon will be fantastic!!! :D

So, how come that I’m suddenly so full of life and ideas for my blog?

For the first of the two months in which I was absent from blogging I was busy with my preparations for prom. The second month was full of exciting experiences and sooo recharging for my mind and soul: I went to Vietnam! *-* Vietnam is my home country and somehow I feel like it’s the home country of my blog, too. I guess it’s because of the name „petitesaigon“ that I feel like that ^^

Because we (dad, mom, my brother and me) are mainly in Vietnam to visit our family, I don’t get to do a lot of sightseeing or tourist stuff. But thanks to my cousins I’ve actually seen a lot more of the country this time than the times before. And I’ve to say that my home country is amazing! *-* I love the soothing countryside, I love the city of Saigon with all its shops, cafés and places to eat! ♥

Saigon’s Central Post Office – it’s been the first time in my life to enter this colonial French building (I’ve just learnt from a website that the post office is one of the oldest buildings in Saigon -> source) and I was overwhlemed by its beauty! The only thing that I didn’t like was Bac Ho’s giant picture on the wall, but that’s a personal issue…
I think what impressed me the most was that the Central Post Office was still in use! Here Germany the post offices are slowly closed down, plus I’m not used to a tourist attraction being still actively used. But that made it all the more fascinating for me :)

Even during the time I was in the countryside visiting dad’s family I got to see a lot! This year we went to Hà Tiên for a one day trip and I saw a lot of ancient caves and temples. It was interesting to learn about the old Vietnamese myths and it was good to be at the beach and breath in some salty sea air ^^

Vietnam is changing. It’s definitely not the country I used to know any more but in a positive way! Tourism is slowly getting to the country (I met so many foreign people!) and the people’s standard of living is improving, too. I guess the country still has a long way to go, but things have started to roll. But I can definitely recommend Vietnam as a country you should visit when you’re exploring Southeast Asia! Hehe, maybe your next holidays will be in Vietnam! :b

I think that’s enough of a post for today. Thank you for reading :) Today’s credits go to my brother Jan who has provided me with all these wonder- and beautiful photos! Please check out his flickr here, if you’re interested :)
Stay tuned for more and lots of love,

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