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harem pants

August 11, 2012

Ever since my trip to Vietnam I’ve been obsessively in love with harem pants

I noticed them first in where we spent 4 hours of waiting for our connection flight to Vietnam. Harem pants seem to be almost every woman’s essential item in terms of airport fashion. While most of us consider more comfortable clothing for longer flights, there are still some of us who will try to to give their airport outfit a fashionable touch. Harem pants combine both, comfortability and fashion.

Because of my newly found obsession I’ve spent most of my online time searching for harem pants ever since I got home. And once again it got proved that you learn an awesome lot of stuff about things that you research! In the world of bloggers harem pants can also be known as printed pants or African printed pants and there’s an amazingly big amount of different types and styles *-* I’m totally convinced now that I have to get myself and my wardrobe one pair of harem pants! They’re great and fresh for summer and would pep up outfits for the coming darker and dull fall :)

But where to get them??
I’ve been spending my last few days „hunting“ for harem pants in the nearest city to my home, but I’ve been unsuccessful up to now T_T Mom and I are going shopping today and I really really hope that I’ll be successful today, but somehow I kind of doubt it ^^‘ I even looked around online marketplaces and found a few harem pants there, but they weren’t the style of pants I looked for. Most of them were in a darker tone and had darker prints, if they had any prints at all. I’ve been amazed by the styles I saw at the Dubai airport: fresh colours and mostly oriental prints (but prints like in the photos I’posted are fine, too :b).

Do you know where I can get harem pants? I guess I’ll be only satisfied till I have a pair of them xP I appreciate any help and advising comments, thanks a lot! :)

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  1. August 11, 2012 1:34 pm

    HeyIna :) How about H&M? its just an example maybe you can find one that suits your likes ;)

    • August 11, 2012 11:42 pm

      Minh Nhat! How did you finde that?? *-* Yeah, I want exactly that cut, just maybe a little bit more colourful ;) I went to look in the H&M stores today but found no harem pants T_T And I have no ticket during the week to go around other cities to look T_T

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