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I love collars ♥

August 23, 2012

I know it’s one of the trends this year, but I’m really really in love with collars!! They add the special something to an outfit. They can make it look cute, playful or chic. It all depends on the type of collar you wear or choose and how you combine it.
The blouse I’m wearing in the photos is one of the pieces I bought in Vietnam this year. In my opinion the blouse itself seems rather chic with its black, sheer material and the white lace collar, but combined with shorts and flat shoes it gives off a more casual but still interesting vibe.

The warmer (well, actually it was hot!) weather encouraged me to use more summer-oriented colours for my nails, too. Pastel colours suit the fresh feelings and free mind you have when it’s warm and they signal you that it’s finally summer! Although I do like pastel colours a lot, I don’t wear them that often. I consider myself as rather tanned, so I avoid pale colours because I fear that they’ll make my skin tone appear even darker than it already is. As most of you know, white skin is still considered a beauty standard in Asia and I’ve to confess that I recently adapted to that thinking. That’s why I try not to emphasize my (for Asians) already „dark“ skin tone. But after my trip to Vietnam I got somehow attracted to more tanned skin again :b

In the photo collage you can recognise my liking of accessories, too. I’ve always worn earrings, but lately I have to wear at least a ring or bracelet additionally to complete my outfit. My hands feel strangely empty without a ring or bracelet now!
The jewellery shown above is also from Vietnam. They’re all presents I got from my family in Vietnam this year, except for the ring with the two hearts and pink stones. That was a gift from an auntie and a cousin (the auntie’s daughter) of mine 8 years ago. And the funny thing is that 8 years later they gifted me the ring with the white flower/star/ice crystal! So I’m wearing both of their rings in the photo!

Well, what do you think of collars? Do you like or maybe even love them? Or is it one of the trends that you don’t support and rather wish to be over soon? Tell me!

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