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blue like the ocean & as golden as the sun

August 25, 2012

Lately, I’ve been wandering the flea market near our house searching for little treasures. The last two or three times I’ve been rather unsuccessful, but this weekend I finally found my personal wonderful, sparkly treasure: a beautiful bracelet ♥
I love its style and I especially love its blue! The combination of gold and blue got me immediately and the little pearls and details make it all the more special. Plus, I’ve always wanted to have a „real“ vintage accessory and now I have this!

But not only the bracelet is so beautiful, the seller is such a loveable person, too! She was so nice to me and gifted me another bracelet and necklace (I’ll post those two some time later). Eventually, I paid a total of 10€ for two bracelets and a necklace! The golden-blue bracelet itself costs 10€ and the other bracelet should’ve cost another 5€, but because I was so indecisive (and she thought of me as so pretty and cute ^^) I got it all for 10€ (plus the golden necklace).

top: Vero Moda / belt: WE / jeans: UNIQLO / sandals: Tommy Hilfiger / bracelet: flea market / bag: Papillon, vintage

And of course I was so eager to wear my new bracelet! :b I know I could’ve make more out of my wonderful accessory, but I couldn’t think of another outfit that day that would fit the break in the weather. It’s getting less hot these days. It’s more bearable, but I’m sad that the days of wearing shorts almost over…A lot of fashion bloggers have already started posting their fall-transition outfits. Check the lovely Jen’s herwaisechoice for example!

And this funny bag was once my mom’s ^^ I found it in her wardrobe when I was looking for my belt there and immediately decided to borrow it for a while! It’s very small and handy but surprinsingly offers enough space, so I can easily take my phone, purse, keys,  digital camera and little mirror with me. Form is unusual to me, too, since I haven’t had a round bag yet. Hehe, thanks for having such a nice bag mom! :b

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