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MJ Care Pearl Essence Mask – review

August 28, 2012

This morning I had enough time on hand to test a MJ Care mask that my mom’s close friend brought us from her trip to South Korea. It was my first time using a sheet mask, so it was a whole new experience. It’s now like I don’t like trying masks and other beauty products. It’s just  that I think of them as too time taking and I rarely have enough time to sit down and give myself a facial treatment. I know that sounds really sad…T_T

By the way, I want to warn you beforehand that today’s post will be rather of a lot of text than photos. I actually did take photos of myself while wearing the mask, but I wasn’t so sure whether or not to post them. I guess I haven’t got fully used to blogging publicly yet, that’s why I still have some sort of inhibition. But I’ll take more photos of the mask the next days and update today’s post ;)

MJ Care Pearl Essence Mask promises to power, relax and moisture your skin for professional spa results at home. By using the mask 3-4 times per week, your skin should be kept moistened, elastic and clear. I admit that I was a bit sceptical at first. I do believe that it’s fun to use masks, but I doubted that it would have any „real“ effects on you. Well, but I was to be diabused soon…

The MJ Care mask felt surpringsly wet when I took it out of the packaging. Yes, I didn’t expect it to be that full of moisture. But although it was my first time using a sheet mask, I had no problems at all applying it to my face. Well, I was really surprised at how well I got everything done and the 15-20 minutes of leaving the mask on my face in order for my skin to absorb the nutrients were just fine, too. Usually when you wear a face mask, you are forced to sit still and not to move but with this sheet mask it wasn’t the case! I walked around comfortably, because the sheet mask fitted so perfectly to my face. If not for the cooling effect, I would have totally forgotten that I was wearing a mask.

And the mask is really moisturising!! As I mentioned before the mask was soaking wet when I took it out of its packaging, but after applying it and leaving it for about 17 minutes on my face almost all of the moisture got absorbed into my skin. My skin does feel a lot more hydrated and I’m totally refreshed. The mask didn’t leave a sticky feeling on my face and my skin feels so much smoother and softer! I definitely love it! ♥

All in all I would recommend this mask to everyone :) I don’t know about the price and if it goes hand in hand with the quality and achieved results, but I liked the mask and my skin did so, too. I’ve been out a lot these days, not getting enough sleep and my skin was feeling it. But I have the impression that it recovered pretty well thanks to today’s facial treatment.

Ehm, I know that my review wasn’t that much of a professional one, but I hope that’s going to improve as time passes ^^ Hopefully, I could give you at least a little insight and impression of MJ Care Pearl Essence Mask. But if you want to know more about it before purchasing the mask, you should stop by at other blogs and read more detailed and professional reviews!
I wish you all a happy Tuesday!

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