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September 7, 2012

For us females shopping has become something essential over the centuries. I don’t know why Mother Nature has decided to let us go this part, but it just seems as if the majority of the female population on Earth has a thing for shopping! Nowadays shopping is by far more than just the process of buying things. For some of us it has developed into a social gathering and event,  for others shopping is considered a hunt and for others then again shopping is all about calculation (sale season, comparing prices…).

In today’s modern world and with the increasing access to the internet, online shopping has rapidly grown in popularity. It might not only be the appealingly big amount of products but also the great convenience that has made online such a huge success. While online shops like amazon and asos are already nation- and worldwide known, there are also a lot of other online shops that one should know about. Today I want to introduce to you another shop:

The name „“ might be a bit misleading as it seems to imply that the shop mostly offers clothing, but that’s actually so not the case. It was my first time stopping by at’s, too, but I was pleasently surprised at how much they had on offer there! The shop isn’t just about clothing, accessories and shoes. At you can get cosmetics, furniturehousehold utensils, too. Yes, it might sound a bit strange but I think that’s the point in online shops: a wide range of products and goods for each and everyone, be it a young woman in her 20s or a mother in her 50s who has raised five children.

You should definitely pay a visit the next time you are online. I’m sure you’ll definitely find something that suits your taste, too!

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